Back for a second year: A priority-tiered ranking of the best running back stashes for the home stretch of fantasy football redraft leagues.

I constantly talk about this being a crucial piece in stacking your roster with the most possible upside while preparing for the stretch run.

So ever year I put up a ranking system on the site since this priority list can’t truly be reflected in the ROS ranks. Of course, the odds of these guys becoming fantasy-relevant is almost exclusively based on starters getting hurt which is an unavoidable reality but impossible to predict. So the order is based only on appeal if a team’s starter were to get hurt, not the likelihood of that happening.

This document is available exclusively to Reception Perception SICKO/VIP and PRIME subscribers. You can either view the cheat sheet directly on the site or you can access the original spreadsheet via the link below.

If you have questions, join the Discord and we’ll discuss as a community. Please do not request access to edit the google spreadsheet.

Most Recent Update: December 29th

Please do not request edit access to this Google sheet. If you edit it, that changes it for everyone. You only need to view it…which you can via the link right above the sheet. If you want to make you own changes, just go to “Make a Copy” under “file” when you open Google Sheets.

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