Evaluating wide receivers and quantifying route running with unique charting data since 2014. Telling you who is good before they're good.

Evaluating wide receivers and quantifying route running with unique charting data since 2014. Telling you who is good before they're good.

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What is Reception Perception?

Proven Methodology with Results

Matt Harmon has been evaluating wide receivers, quantifying route running, and telling you who is good before everyone else with his exclusive charting data since 2014. You won’t find this unique data or superior research on wide receivers anywhere.

Weekly Articles and Early Data Dumps

Subscribers get earlier access to Reception Perception results than ever before in a new “wave” format and pre-release articles.

Exclusive Sortable Data

  • Success rate vs. coverage

  • Success rate by route

  • Route percentage

  • Target data

  • Contested catch

  • Tackle breaking

  • Alignment


I love evaluating players. It’s been my passion for over 20 years. With that in mind, I’m always looking to grow and learn from smart people inside and around the game of football. One of my go-to guys is Matt Harmon. Ever since he launched his project, Reception Perception, we’ve engaged in fascinating talks about the WR position. He’s found a great way to unlock secrets in the process of evaluating and quantifying the position. He challenges my thinking and I walk away a smarter “football guy.

Daniel JeremiahNFL Network Draft Analyst and former NFL scout

Matt Harmon is one of the brightest minds in all of football. Not just fantasy football, nerds. But all of football. Reception Perception has been my go-to resource for wide receiver production for the past number of years. The best part about it is the information is easily digestible for the hard-core stat freak, and the person who is just starting out in fantasy football. If you’re serious about winning in fantasy football, you will consume Reception Perception like it’s a late-night steak and egg burrito after a full day of drinking.

Adam RankNFL Network fantasy analyst

Matt Harmon's Reception Perception is one of the few truly unique evaluation systems in the football and fantasy football analysis world. Reception Perception will help you understand what matters at the wide receiver position and how it is played, in addition to uncovering players who are outperforming their perceived values and knowing which rookies have a chance to be the next Justin Jefferson. You'll understand the strengths and weaknesses of every receiver covered, giving you an edge on the competition, while absorbing a framework and context for wide receiver play that will make you a smarter football fan. Reception Perception is the key to help you unlock your understanding of the wide receiver position and the men who play it.

Sigmund BloomFootball Guys co-owner

Matt Harmon studies the film, he tracks and interprets the data, and he delivers the goods. It’s simple. If you’re seeking actionable information about wide receivers, it begins with Reception Perception. It’s a great example of what excellent football analysis can be.

Matt WaldmanRookie Scouting Portfolio author
Reception Perception

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Matt Harmon discusses Reception Perception's findings with Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs.