On this episode of Reception Perception, Matt and James react to DaVante Adams’ comments about being more than just a byproduct of Aaron Rodgers. They look at Adams’ first year with the Las Vegas Raiders and project what could happen with Adams now that Garoppolo is under center next season.

They also discuss a pair of sophomore receivers out of Ohio State that are in line for a massive season in 2023, Garrett Wilson and Chris Olave.

Matt Harmon and James Koh whip around the NFL and cover the position they know best: Wide receivers. Using the data from Harmon’s exclusive Reception Perception charting methodology, the guys give their takes on receivers at every level of the game. Whether it’s the biggest stars in the league or new rookies bursting on the scene, you won’t get better wideout information anywhere else. Along the way, they’ll break down the biggest stories in the NFL and offer up a few big-picture fantasy football thoughts, as well.
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