Coming into 2019, Odell Beckham was one of the most storied receivers in Reception Perception history. Beckham never finished below the 98th percentile in success rate vs. press coverage in any sampled season and owned two of the three best success rate vs. man coverage marks since 2014.

Success Rate by Route

Route Percentage

Success Rate vs. Coverage

That came to a crashing halt last year. Beckham’s 68.3 percent success rate vs. man coverage in Cleveland represented a near 10 percentage point drop from his average Giants campaign. He fell below the 45th percentile with a 64 percent success rate vs. press. That’s a stunning fall.

It’s so pronounced one has to conclude that Beckham simply was not healthy at any point in 2019.

The only question remains is whether he’s lost a step forever or if he’ll return to his prior form next season. If he does, we know this is not just one of the most explosive athletes, but refined technicians at the receiver position. 

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